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EventInfo.GetRaiseMethod Method (Boolean)

2007-11-01 22:37  i1311  dotnet  [permalink]


This method returns a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) for events declared with the C# event keyword or the Visual Basic Event keyword. This is because the C# and Visual Basic compilers do not generate such a method.

Is there a way to raise an event from outside the object? I guess not!


Friendly Error Messages

2007-11-05 20:18  i1312  internet  [permalink]

Description of Hypertext Transport Protocol Error Messages

Hey, what's with IE7? Apparently it's doing something new...

open spam offensive

2007-11-06 20:09  i1314  internet  [permalink]

Though SpamFilter''''s exist that effectively take out most of unsollicited mail (either with BlackList''''s, algorhythms or a combination), it is a continuously evolving effort to fine-tune them to keep the ham apart from the spam.

What if there was a spam-filter-platform that depends on a series of modules to help decide for each message if it's unwanted or not, but also keeps a score per module. Modules get listed on a/the website, optionally with:

Modules are built on a straight-forward API, and are posted to the website to get listed. Once listed, administrators can select (new) modules from the website, or remove modules that perform less than expected, fine-tune decision weight per module, etc.

HLN.be: Telenet met twee snelheden

2007-11-06 23:59  i1315  internet actueel  [permalink]


Ik heb zo de indruk dat die daar hun zelf het wel erg moeilijk aan het maken zijn.

France on strike

2007-11-13 21:00  i1321  actueel politiek  [permalink]

A decent HTML editor

2007-11-14 23:04  i1322  weblog  [permalink]

I finally took the time to put up a decent HTML wysiwyg editor. With the large number of decent open-source projects it shouldn't be that hard to build it in, and using http://www.fckeditor.net/ it took about half an hour to replace what I had. Enjoy (I may revise periferal features, skin and theme later)

(Also: I kept the script-stripping, so even if you could enter malicious HTML with fckeditor, it'll get disactivated)

MSDN user page

2007-11-19 16:28  i1329  coding  [permalink]

nice! tegenwoordig krijg je je eigen pagina!



2007-11-20 23:37  r1013  freeware  [permalink]


I've reinstated the original MSIE user agent. It was causing trouble on browser-specific scripts.

A decent HTML editor

2007-11-22 15:45  r1014  weblog  [permalink]

A decent HTML editor

Whoo-hoo! We're on the list!

Pixar - WALL•E - Trailer

2007-11-25 14:25  r1015  film  [permalink]

Pixar - WALL•E - Trailer

en dit zou de site er van worden: http://www.buynlarge.com/