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Ha die verdikke

2007-03-01 20:56  i1127  computers  [permalink]

Jaja, en dan later heb je natuurlijk net die 270 MB nodig!

Microsoft: Local Install Source (Msocache)

Global ignore pattern

2007-03-02 23:34  i1128  coding  [permalink]

By default, TurtoiseSVN doesn't have anything filled in in the "Global ignore pattern" field in the settings. Depending on which language or platform you code for, this setting has a great influence on the number of files that may exist in the source directories, but generally only clutter the commit list as unversioned files. Add file masks (generally *.extension masks) of files you're pretty sure about you'll never want to commit to the repository (e.g. files your development environment uses to store personal data and preferences).

Masks are bold, followed by a short description. Feel free to add any if you use other than these:

*.$$$ Delphi temporary file, generally deleted when done.
*.dsk Delphi workspace and personal settings
*.dcu Delphi compiled unit.
*.~* Delphi backup files
*.scc Visual Source Safe repository information 
Log files
*.ddp Delphi diagrams (though since Delphi 2006 the internal format is much more repository-friendly)
*.suo Visual Studio workspace and personal settings
*.db (or Thumb.db, though apparently TurtoiseSVN has trouble seeing this as a mask) Windows Explorer's thumbnail storage
*.lnk Windows Explorer shortcuts (supprised that you haven't seen the extension of a shotcut even with 'hide extensions' off? read about NeverShowExt)
*.chi Windows Help index file (generated the first time you open a *.chm file)
*.user Borland Developer Studio workspace and personal settings

Still hide extensions with 'Hide extensions for known file types' off

2007-03-02 23:47  i1129  coding  [permalink]

Strange huh? Still, you still know one 'file type' that does this, and you might not even know. Shortcuts! By default they don't show their extension: .lnk. Even with 'Hide extensions for known file types' disabled. This is how the system is set up to do this:

Have a look in the registry (pres [windows-key]+R, type "regedit" and hit [OK])

The HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT branch of your local registry defines all Windows needs to know about file-types (and more about interfaces and objects but that's another cup of tea).

First, the file's extension is looked up in the keys that start with ".", for shortcuts: ".lnk". This key might have more definitions, but generally this one first refers to another key in the default value, for shortcuts this generally is "lnkfile".

These keys define more about the file: which icon to show with it, which program to open it with, which commands to show in the context-menu... But the shortcut is a special one, notice the "IsShortcut" and "NeverShowExt" values, these tell the system that this is a shortcut, and to never show the extension, even when "Hide extension for known file types" is disabled.

So, to hide the extension on other file types (even on ones you create yourself), just add "NeverShowExt". To always show extensions on all files, delete all "NeverShowExt" fields.

Google Analytics

2007-03-03 00:39  r805  weblog  [permalink]

Google Analytics

whow! da's pas analyse! en drill down! en exports in XML! en entrance en exit! en nog dingen! super, lijkt me wel handig, zo zie ik direct dat mensen wel nog eens op mijn TreeBrowse help uitkomen, hoewel ik die helemaal nog niet af heb!


2007-03-03 21:07  r806  freeware  [permalink]


version This version has an issue fixed, where the cursortag was still operating on the old operation interval when you change this interval in the settings window, until the next time AutoClick was started.


2007-03-08 21:33  r807  werk  [permalink]


PC World - JPEG Photo Format on Its Way Out?

Ha! Oud nieuws. Aan JPEG2000 te zien zal het wel nog een tijdje duren voor deze er door komt. Hoewel ik ze dan wel weer meer kans geef, al was het omdat ze toch nog een money-making-machine zijn. En dus andere money-making-machines weten naar hun hand te zetten om zoiets er door te krijgen.

(Open) Software and Business

2007-03-13 20:19  i1146  beurs  [permalink]

Slashdot | Best Presentation on Software Business and OSS

Af en toe heb je gewoon iets of iemand nodig om de ogen te openen... (en/of je aan het denken te zetten over dingen waar je anders niet bij stil stond)

US: 2004 Election charts

2007-03-13 21:43  i1149  politiek  [permalink]



let vooral op die laatste, met een voornamelijk blauwe schijn

(ontdekt via http://images.google.be/images?q=wallpaper&imgsz=xxlarge&svnum=10&hl=nl&start=21&sa=N)


2007-03-15 20:51  r829  freeware  [permalink]



I reworked the 'drag handle' to a new more fancy look, and added a right-click menu. I also added unicode support (and doesn't even care if only one is unicode!)


2007-03-15 21:14  dirfind  delphi freeware  [permalink]

[DirFind icon]DirFind is a tool I created after using a number of different 'recursive directory' file content searchers (Windows' Search File Containing, Visual/Borland Studio File in Files, plain old "find" and "grep", ...) and content indexers (Google Desktop, Windows' indexing service...).

All of these tools still lack some feature that hinders you to get the full list of items you're searching. Either you loose the overview of which matches are important and which are not, or you can't specify enough options, or there's not enough data about which file matches why...

So in my personal spirit of [[re-inventing the wheel]] I started a new tool from scratch that had as much of the things I want all rolled into one. It's heavily based on [[Regular Expressions]] and the directory structure the files are in, but this has poven to be quite a good feature (at least for me). I hope you like it (let me know!)

There's one feature I added that has saved me a great deal of time. When searching for something in source-code, I found what I really was searching for is in the few lines in the neighbourhood of the matching line. If you double-click the matching file, the matching lines are shown. If you double-click a line, the few preceding and succeding lines are loaded and added to the overview. Update (v2.0): Now also each closest preceding line of the lower indentation levels are shown.

bitcoin accepted github

http://yoy.be/freeware/DirFind_494.zip ±256KB

[WinKey]+E doesn't launch in separate process

2007-03-17 22:26  i1163  computers  [permalink]

Strange, even with "Launch folder windows in a separate process" enabled in the Folder View settings, pressing [Windows Key]+E opens an explorer window, but not in a separate process! (Look for two entries "explorer.exe" in the TaskManager)


2007-03-20 22:44  r845  freeware  [permalink]



Ah... I finally got this one up to release-grade. It'll take a few weeks to promote it to production-grade, if no show-stoppers turn up, but I'm hopefull. This time there really was a lot going on under the hood. Most controls have been replaced by Tnt Unicode Controls. The popup window is a new instance of the main window now, with tree-view, but with 'F11' enabled (and an alternate icon). The binding between browser instances and treenodes has been revised (some more). Note the bullets over the icons, you now have at least one, except for the 'node-less' browser instance you start with, or you get by pressing Ctrl+T. Ideally you won't have them vanish any more, and when needed a node is created to house them in the tree-view. (If it still goes wrong at times, let me know). Having done so much, I threw in a XP-style manifest as well. Enjoy!


2007-03-20 23:15  i1168  actueel  [permalink]

Hoho, ziet er veelbelovend uit, en nog niet te moeilijk. Misschien nog voor de handelaar die een iets langere code moet maken, maar om aan je geld te krijgen heeft een ondernemer dan wel wat over vermoed ik? Alleen jammer dat er driekwart euro per transactie af gaat. Hoewel me dat dan wel beter lijkt dan de 5% die er bij Proton af gaat.



2007-03-21 19:53  r846  actueel  [permalink]


en er zijn nog keerzijden aan de medaille? http://be.theinquirer.net/2007/03/en_nu_even_over_het_banksys_mo.html