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2007-10-05 21:07  r960  freeware  [permalink]



I've had to work a bit more on the new update feature, it was taking files as modified that weren't checked with the background-content-comparison-thread yet. Normally this works pretty fast, but larger files take a bit more time and resources. If it takes more than a second, you'll get a popup with an option to cancel. This will skip the one file and continue, which might still not cut it on a bunch of large files, but that's not really what DirDiff was meant for.


2007-10-05 21:53  r968  freeware  [permalink]



Sometimes, after blocking a pop-up, normal navigation stopped working. Rather a showstopper, which I fixed for now by starting a new instance (Ctrl+T).

Map of the internet

2007-10-20 20:35  i1295  internet  [permalink]

hmm, interesting, I wonder if this would turn out the same if you start pinging from Europe or another contintent than North-America


Designing for People Who Have Better Things To Do With Their Lives

2007-10-26 00:24  i1300  coding  [permalink]

Wijze woorden. Ik wist dat er een goeie uitleg bestond waarom de vier hoeken van het scherm belangrijker zijn dan de rest van het scherm, en dat dat wel eens vergeten wordt (de nieuwe [[Safari]] voor Windows, maximized, en sluiten rechtboven bijvoorbeeld), maar zoals ik goed kan uitleggen, laat ik dat liever aan andere mensen over


Flash! A-AAh

2007-10-27 13:26  r982  film  [permalink]

Flash! A-AAh

ooh! it's a series, not a movie remake: http://www.scifi.com/flashgordon/

Who else has stopped caring about the Blu-ray/HD DVD war?

2007-10-27 22:52  i1304  film  [permalink]

Who else has stopped caring about the Blu-ray/HD DVD war? | The Digital Home - Don Reisinger blogs about the tech closest to home - CNET Blogs

I couldn't agree more.

Link tagging

2007-10-30 22:52  i1308  internet  [permalink]

To be honest, I nicked the icons and links to the bunch of 'social bookmarking sites' I added to the item pages here from http://earthtimes.org. (Sorry) (Come smack me) It's striking that there are so many already. And I guess there are even more waiting to be discovered out there ([[*ahum*]]), so I got wondering where http://dmoz.org is in all this? They collect links too, but my first guess they collect for a too broad an audience, and have a submission procedure a bit too cumbersome.

Update: I've replaced the series of icons with the single button provided by http://www.addthis.com, and I'm even using their script to have it pop-up on mouse-over. Isn't that even more Web2! It's another example of providing something straight-forward with a simple interface, and have a bunch of interesting stuff happen on the other side: statistics on the success of each bookmarking site, trend-watching...

Link tagging

2007-10-31 20:27  r991  internet  [permalink]

Link tagging

whow: http://mashable.com/2007/10/23/social-networking-god look like it's a full-time team-effort to keep track of these things, nowadays...

Google Notebook

2007-10-31 21:58  i1309  internet  [permalink]

tiens? wasda?