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2007-03-15 21:14  dirfind  delphi freeware  [permalink]

[DirFind icon]DirFind is a tool I created after using a number of different 'recursive directory' file content searchers (Windows' Search File Containing, Visual/Borland Studio File in Files, plain old "find" and "grep", ...) and content indexers (Google Desktop, Windows' indexing service...).

All of these tools still lack some feature that hinders you to get the full list of items you're searching. Either you loose the overview of which matches are important and which are not, or you can't specify enough options, or there's not enough data about which file matches why...

So in my personal spirit of [[re-inventing the wheel]] I started a new tool from scratch that had as much of the things I want all rolled into one. It's heavily based on [[Regular Expressions]] and the directory structure the files are in, but this has poven to be quite a good feature (at least for me). I hope you like it (let me know!)

There's one feature I added that has saved me a great deal of time. When searching for something in source-code, I found what I really was searching for is in the few lines in the neighbourhood of the matching line. If you double-click the matching file, the matching lines are shown. If you double-click a line, the few preceding and succeding lines are loaded and added to the overview. Update (v2.0): Now also each closest preceding line of the lower indentation levels are shown.

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