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Lefthandedness increases changes for breast-cancer

2006-01-02 19:22  i512  actueel  [permalink]

Science Daily: Left-handed woman face higher cancer risk

Oj! All raise to protest against diethylstilbestrol!


2006-01-08 16:13  r332  freeware  [permalink]


dank je Pascal, vanaf ik de source nog eens open heb kijk ik er naar. Normaal had ik dit wel voorzien dacht ik, maar ik zal het onderzoeken. (zie ook dit item:

oogarts in Gent

2006-01-12 20:34  i517  internet weblog  [permalink]

Hmm, hoe zoek je een oogarts in Gent... www.infobel.be? noppes, een hoop artsen, maar verder geen onderscheid. www.goudengids.be? hetzelfde...

na wat zoeken blijkt er toch een iemand een goed idee te hebben gehad:



2006-01-16 19:27  r339  freeware  [permalink]


version v0.2.4.14

Some people with a qwerty keyboard, still prefer to use the 'azerty' or other keyboard layout. Normally it works fine, except for 'key 102'. A default qwerty keyboard only has 101 keys, and this 'key 102' holds characters "<", ">" and "\" in Belgian keyboard layout. Pretty important characters for HTML and Windows-prompt work. Since odo is counting characters, I built it in that, when using the left shift as if the 120th key were there, the appropriate character is sent to the keyboard buffer. No keypresses are simulated when the left-shift key is actually used in a key-combination, so the left-shift is still available for normal use also. To activate this feature, open the odo.ini file stored where odo.exe is, and add this to the end:

Apparently the previous version did send the simulated keypressed when the left-shift was used with 'non-counted' characters, like question mark, period etc. and function keys. This is now fixed.

In case you were wondering: website design really makes a website work

2006-01-17 18:21  i522  internet  [permalink]

BBC NEWS | Technology | First impressions count for web

Not only does the first impression really count, the first impression is made generally faster than thought before. So I guess I was right to advise against use of too much HTML-tables. Since that can add tens or hundreds of milliseconds to the time the page is displayed (yes even on a really recent 'fast' computer)


2006-01-17 20:26  r342  freeware  [permalink]



TreeBrowse now opens with a default page (loaded from the exe's resources) with a bit more explanation about how things work. Hope this fill the need for a help file a bit for now.

Also when you need a pop-up, but Ctrl, Shift or Alt don't seem to help right (Ctrl does a pre-read, Shift forces 'target=_blank' on the link, Alt re-directs a pop-up to the main window), double click the status-bar, to allow one or more of the next pop-ups.