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2005-06-10 20:53  odo  freeware  [permalink]

[Odo icon]Odo began as an attempt to write my own odometer, a counter of how much distance you travel with the mouse-cursor on screen. Since this kind of data takes some time to collect, I was more interested in when I did how much with the mouse. Later I added a keystroke-counter and a link to a local database, to be able to look up my history of activity.

As of version 0.4, the data link uses sqlite3.dll: odo_511.zip 646KB,
Keep using version 0.3 to use a data link based on OLEDB/ADO: odo_278.zip 338KB

bitcoin accepted

The graph displays the measured values with a combination of colors, at one minute per horizontal pixel:
  Upper graph:
  Green: Horzontal mouse movement
  Red: Vertical mouse movement
  Lower graph:
  Green: Keystrokes
  Red: Mouseclicks
  Blue: Application switches
Since these are the basic colors, overlapping dispay results in different colors: red and green make yellow, blue and green make light-blue (cyan), blue and red make purple (magenta), and all three make white.


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