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Application version: alternative to GetFileVersionInfo

2006-11-02 23:50  r640  delphi  [permalink]

Application version: alternative to GetFileVersionInfo

Changed the "0"'s to SysInit's HInstance in the resource calls. Apparently this is important when using this code from a DLL. By using 0 you get the version of the process' exe, not the real 'module' the code is running from. E.g. when writing a DLL that is loaded by explorer.exe, iexplore.exe, etc.


2006-11-03 17:39  r641  freeware  [permalink]


'wuauclt.exe' came down the chimney to force IE7 on me also... But let's welcome change. For now all seems ok, and TreeBrowse does it's job just as before, as far as I can tell. The default IE-error-pages have been updated! Nice. If anyone notices something wierd about TreeBrowse on IE7, please let me know!


2006-11-11 21:12  r643  freeware  [permalink]


DirDiff v1.0.4

A few minor changes:

Beware Of Migrationalism

2006-11-20 10:36  i859  coding  [permalink]

When ordering changes to the system, the customer may be tempted to construct the ChangeRequest using declarations like "remove this" and "change that to this". In essence, this will contain the information about what is required to change, but in general will not be a clear guide to where to alter the system.

When starting from a certain perspective of the system, which may or may not be a complete view of all the functions of the application, and describing the migration to a new view of the system with some functions altered, the description will only contain the effect on elements of the system that were envisioned in this primary perspective of the system. I call this [[migrationalism]].

So my advice is to explain this to the customer, and that a migrationalist ChangeRequest might lead to incorrect implementation of the changes, and may impact more functions than requested. Ask to revise the ChangeRequest into a proposition of how the revised system should work, without referring to the current operation of the system, optionally only describing part of the system that should undergo the changes. I call this [[propositionalism]].

A description of a system and it's functions is a more independent document. It leaves it up to the architects and developers of the system to compare it to the current build-up of the system and determine where it is best to alter the system to reflect the changes as described in the propositionalist ChangeRequest.

Cursor Time

2006-11-21 20:14  i891  freeware  [permalink]

[CTime icon]Download: CTime.zip ~224KB
CTime stands for Cursor Time and is a clock that follows your cursor around the screen.


How do I install CTime
The zip file contains the executable, extract it to a new directory (preferrably named "CTime") in a suitable location (like "C:\Program Files"). If you want to have CTime start when you start Windows, create a shortcut and store it in the 'Startup" folder of your Start Menu.
What is the blue arrow for?
The blue arrow shows the position into the current week. It starts on top on monday and is at the bottom wednesday at noon.
Why doesn't the minute/hour arrow skip to the next position when the minute/hour is up?
Hour, minute and week arrows move gradually, moving half the distance if half of the time passes.
Why does the second arrow do skip per second, then?
I tried to show the second arrow gradually also, and the rate it moves at depends on the current load of the computer, and may result in an uneven, possibly disturbing rate, which might distract you more than the somewhat natural rate of once per second does.
Can I change the colours of the arrows?
Not yet, but if I add a settings dialog this will be an option there.
Can I change the position of the clock relative to the cursor?
Not yet, but if I add a settings dialog this will be an option there.
Can I change the size of the clock?
Not yet, but if I add a settings dialog this will be an option there.
How do I close CTime?
For now, open the Windows Task Manager and end the "CTime.exe" process. If I add a settings dialog, I will add an Exit or Close option also. Optionally I'll add a tray-icon, but we already have a lot of those, haven't we?
Can the clock also display the current rate of my favorite stock options?
No, the clock displays the time for now. But if you can show me a way to get to live stock data, please let me know and I'll have a look. See also next item.
Can the clock also display my current health state in my favourite MMO-RPG?
No, the clock displays the time for now. But keep the good idea's coming. If you're a bit of a developer, have a look at the COM API the CTime.exe exposes (use the CTime.CTimeClock object and implement the ICTimeArrowValueProvider interface)


2006-11-28 21:07  r665  freeware  [permalink]


version 1.0.5

The used values for red and green may have had too little contrast, expecially on LCD displays. This version now uses more 'balanced' shades of red and green that display and look better.
Also the drag handle does no longer show up on the task-bar and the Alt-Tab window.