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run COM from an NT-Service

2006-04-05 22:13  r401  delphi  [permalink]

run COM from an NT-Service

oops, all this time, and all this searching, and it turns out that I forgot about the result values of both CoInitialize(Ex) and CoInitializeSecurity. Apparently CoInitializeSecurity enables you to totally circumvent any stored security settings, but that shouldn't be the point. So best is to guide the system to where the needed stuff is in registry, by applying the AppID you registered the service under. That appears to be the place in registry where DCOMCNFG stores it's data also, which has been re-homed under the Component Services Administrative Tool under Windows 2000 and following.

MacroMedia Flash player keeps cookies of its own!

2006-04-19 23:57  i590  internet  [permalink]

Look what I found in searching through my disk what to keep before a re-install:

C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player