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2007-10-30 22:52  i1308  internet  [permalink]

To be honest, I nicked the icons and links to the bunch of 'social bookmarking sites' I added to the item pages here from http://earthtimes.org. (Sorry) (Come smack me) It's striking that there are so many already. And I guess there are even more waiting to be discovered out there ([[*ahum*]]), so I got wondering where http://dmoz.org is in all this? They collect links too, but my first guess they collect for a too broad an audience, and have a submission procedure a bit too cumbersome.

Update: I've replaced the series of icons with the single button provided by http://www.addthis.com, and I'm even using their script to have it pop-up on mouse-over. Isn't that even more Web2! It's another example of providing something straight-forward with a simple interface, and have a bunch of interesting stuff happen on the other side: statistics on the success of each bookmarking site, trend-watching...

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