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Regular Expression

2011-12-08 23:12  r1680  dotnet  [permalink]

Regular Expression

- improved checking for unsaved changes
- 'copy to', 'paste from' options
- use UTF8 for saved expressions
- don't store width and height for unresizable items
- drag to select multiple items, with ctrl pressed on release, inverts items from selection
- some item types auto-patch-through connections when linking or deleting
- 'Sort' item (Multiple) with an option to prepare entries to sort by (e.g. extract a numeric value)
- 'Unique', 'First', 'Last' items (Multiple)
- 'Split by EOL' item (String operations)
- target .Net platform 4.0


2011-12-11 23:55  r1683  delphi freeware  [permalink]


release v1.1.5.285

- xxmHSYS: HTTPAPI handler
- bug fixed: parameters were parsed from request body multiple times
- when BufferSize is set, contexts keep buffers to save on allocating and releasing memory

Warning: the new xxmHSys1 handlers, build using HTTPAPI v1, use the xxm.xml file as a project registry, but require one or more project names to be listed in the command line in order to start hosting the project over HTTPAPI. This might change in a future version. This allows to evaluate xxmHSys1 and test its performance.

release v1.1.4.284

- upload progress monitoring interface
- new IXxmContext members: BufferSize, Flush
- optional project interface to handle exceptions: IXxmProjectEvents

Only three items this release, but three strong, useful features that should have been in there all along.
BufferSize has a default value of 0 so developers new to xxm can experience the fact that data sent gets though to the client as fast as possible, but it's highly recomended to set BufferSize on larger projects except when debugging.

Hoe noemde dat nu weer?

2011-12-27 22:35  r1686  tv  [permalink]

Hoe noemde dat nu weer?

 just! en ook hier: