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WinXP: stop firewall from command prompt

2007-06-27 00:20  i1235  computers  [permalink]

If you have worked in DOS (or any unix variant), you may still revert to a command prompt now and then to get something done you know the command for, which is a multiple of mouse-clicks away in the shell.

For example when your keyboard got disconnected and you want to re-set the repeat rate to the fastest:

mode con delay=0 rate=30
On Windows XP, the system has a firewall onboard, by default enabled, that shields you from anything nasty. Still on a home network, this might disable using plain file sharing. If you know what you're doing, trust the other firewall on the outgoing uplink, only need it for a short time and don't mind the windows security center popping up, the fast command to get the firewall out of the way is:
net stop SharedAccess

This actually stops the NT-service that runs the firewall, but also the internet connection sharing (ICS).