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2015-10-16 22:24  tx  coding delphi werk freeware  [permalink]

[tx]tx started as a tool to keep track of things. From there it evolved into a new take on data, categorisation, oversight, structure, registration, evaluation...

To complete the configuration, set up a multi-user environment or tweak the project to your needs, it's advised to install and build from the source code.
To get started quickly with default configurations, download and install this easy installer. It has tx and xxm combined into a single executable (that conveniently launches the URL in the default browser at start-up), and a minimal database to get you started. Read more about configuring tx here.

txLocalOnlySetup.exe (±2.9MB)

Update: now also available as an NT-service. Installs to serve on HTTP port 80 by default, add argument Port= to the service command line in the registry to configure an other port number.

txServiceSetup.exe (±2.9MB)

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