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Ro IRC Client

2005-10-07 19:44  ro  freeware  [permalink]

[Ro icon]Ro is my second attempt at an easy-to-use IRC client, without too much of feature bloat and extra's. My first attempt, used Delphi's TListView with ViewStyle:=vsReport, but that wasn't stable, used up a lot of memory and GDI handles... And the colums weren't really what I was looking for. A while later I worked with InterExplorer's embeddable WebBrowser component a bit more, and thought of using HTML to output the IRC conversation transscript... It turns out to work quite nice, work nicely fast and use less memory and resources! Hope you like it also.

If (that's a big if) I ever work further on this one, these are a few things I thought of already:

Update: this project has gone open source! (in fact I don't really intend to put more work in). See this NLDelphi post, svn

Update 2015-07-08: for your convenience, I've also put it up on github: https://github.com/stijnsanders/ro#ro 


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