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Never missed 'copy item'...

2007-02-21 18:14  i1124  weblog  [permalink]

Strange, I never even noticed that I don't have a 'copy item' option here. I use a copy of this website on a few other places to store items, track progress and register information in a structured context, using object types, tokens and references. But I haven't had a situation where I thought "damn, why didn't I make a copy item option". I prefer to create placeholder items with a reference to where the related data is in another branch.

But then... What if a larger number of users would be using this platform, and feature requests would be coming in, I guess a copy feature would be widely requested. For now I'm reluctant to create a copy function in favor of 'branch inheritance', export and import tools, anything else than allowing to bluntly duplicating data and having headaches later with updates on multiple places.

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