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2005-06-10 20:51  i111  freeware  [permalink]

[MailCount icon]MailCount might come in handy if you want to follow the continuous flow of mail in your inbox, but don't want to have Outlook open all of the time.
This application still needs Outlook though, so you best have Outlook minimized. If you don't have Outlook open, ActiveX will start it in the background.

If there is a "MailCount.wav" file present in the directory where you save this exe, it will be played whenever the count of unread mails increases.

If your 'unread mail count' rises above 100, the number divided by 10 is shown in blue.

In the zip is also a version that connects to POP3: PopCount.exe. When run the first time, it shows "00" in red, indicating an error. Double click to enter the POP3 login data. Your password is saved encrypted in the PopCount.ini file.


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