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2010-12-02 10:05  i2949  delphi freeware  [permalink]

Delphi MongoDB Driver

A Delphi driver to access a mongoDB server.
It maps variables onto Delphi variables of type OleVariant, which resembles the loose typing of JavaScript a lot.
There are two main units and three main object to enable access to a mongo DB server:

  TBSONDocument = class(TInterfacedObject, IBSONDocument, IPersistStream)

  function BSON:IBSONDocument; overload;
  function BSON(x:array of OleVariant):IBSONDocument; overload;



Additional tools

  function BsonToJson(Doc:IBSONDocument):WideString;
    Converts a BSON document into a JSON string.
  function JsonToBson(jsonData:WideString):IBSONDocument;
    Converts a JSON string into a BSON document.
  procedure JsonIntoBson(jsonData:WideString;doc:IBSONDocument); overload;
    Parses a JSON string and adds any keys to an existing BSON document, overwriting the value if a key already exists.
  procedure JsonIntoBson(jsonData:WideString;doc:IBSONDocument;var EndIndex:integer); overload;
    Parses only the first JSON object from a string into an existing BSON document, and returns the index into the string where the JSON object ends.
    Use this method to iterate over a list of JSON strings. (See also IBSONDocument.Clear)