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2014-04-11 22:17  i3075  delphi  [permalink]

When looking to start a Delphi rethinkdb connector, I soon enough found out I'll need a separate solution to work with Google's Protocol Buffer definition files.
And this is it: dpbp: the Delphi Protocol Buffer Parser. It parses a .proto file, and outputs a .pas unit that defines a class for each message. They inherit from TProtocolBufferMessage (defined in the ProtBuf.pas unit) and have the internals to load/save the property values. Run dpbp without command line parameters to see the options you can use to fine-tune the generating process.

Available under the MIT license.



2014-04-20 21:21  r1802  delphi freeware  [permalink]


Update: rethinkdb 1.13 will drop protocol buffers from it's network protocol in favor of JSON (see here)