xxm enables you to create dynamic websites in Delphi, combining both Delphi and HTML in the source files. The project is compiled into a module, ready for use by a pluggable protocol handler in Internet Explorer, an add-on for FireFox, an ISAPI Extension, an Apache module, with HTTPAPI, or a stand-alone HTTP server. (Perhaps more in the future or by other parties.)

How does it work?

An xxm project contains source-files that hold both HTML and Object Pascal source code. These are converted (e.g. by the auto-compile-on-refresh feature) into a plain Delphi project, which is compiled into a xxm Library (with the .xxl file extension). This xxm Library can be loaded by one of the xxm handlers:

Most handlers are available in these forms:

To get started, download the binaries or follow the get started screenshot tutorial.

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