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SideSwitch is not a TaskBar replacement*. It is an aid to help with application switching. The default TaskBar, on a multi-monitor environment, displays a button for each application on only one monitor, disregarding which monitor the window of the application is shown on. SideSwitch show a list of applications that are displayed on a monitor, when the mouse pointer hits one of the edges of that monitor. This shows a better overview than the taskbar, and still doesn't require you to press any keys (as opposed to Alt-Tab). SideSwitch also allows you to switch windows between monitors, without having to restore, drag and maximize.

*: To have an accaptable taskbar replacement, I would like to service the 'system notification area', but that doesn't have an open API that I know of.

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[SideSwitch icon]Two monitors and only one taskbar? Keep track of your apps with a list on each screen.