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about TreeBrowse

When my personal discovery of wiki's occurred, and specifically WardsWiki http://c2.com/cgi/wiki, I noticed I was using the history a lot, and opened a lot of links in new windows to read them later, after finishing the current (and/or other) pages first.

I was using a lot of TreeView's in a number of projects, and thought about the history feature in WebBrowser's. What I needed at that time was something opposite of a history: a collection of pages that I would read in the near future...

And opening other instances of InternetExplorer didn't quite cut it.

So I had a quick try to add a TreeView with a WebBrowser component to build a tree as I was surfing pages. Thus enhancing the history feature and having a way to put pages up front.

Not only was it handy to build a tree that shows relationships between content, I could now jump between threads of the history I was building in a session. I could leave one track, and follow or start another, and come back later. Very good for someone that loses comprehension of the greater context easily.

The first version of this thing was written in 20 minutes, and at first I wasn't planning to build any further on the first features. But due to intense use of it by myself (DogFood), it grew in to a 'publishable' application.
Now for that 'bigger UserBase' part...

-- StijnSanders 

See also: InternetExplorer, PageTrail

This is a list of the current features:

Here's a WishList of candidate-features for the next version, feel free to add if you can think of any.

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